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Elevate Your Archery Game and Discover the Wonders of Jogja’s Sport Tourism Scene.
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The Largest International Indoor Archery Event in Indonesia

Grand Triumph offers an exhilarating format with a 60-arrow qualification round and head-to-head matches, leading to a climactic final where finalists vie for the top prize.

Thrilling and Exciting Categories

Barebow Open

Competition without sighting aids, where archers demonstrate their natural skill.

Compound Open

The category featuring bows with pulley systems for maximum accuracy and power.

Recurve Open

The classic category with recurve bows that demand the best technique from archers.

Recurve Junior

Competition for young archers under 12 and 15, preparing them to become future stars.

International Competition

Sport Tourism Experience

Industry Partnerships

International Competition

Witness world-class archers showcase their exceptional skills, pushing themselves to the limit as they aim for glory. Participants and spectators alike will be treated to the thrill of witnessing the intense drive for victory at this internationally acclaimed event.

Sport Tourism Experience

Embrace a unique blend of sports and culture with an immersive sports tourism experience that offers exclusive access to archery exhibitions, hands-on coaching clinics by experts, and the chance to explore Yogyakarta's vibrant local attractions. 
From the historical grandeur of the Prambanan Temple to the natural beauty of Merapi Volcano, enrich your journey with memorable sights and sounds.

Industry Partnerships

Meet industry leaders, collaborate with sports organizations, and connect with archery enthusiasts from around the globe. 
You'll have ample opportunities to network with clubs and manufacturers, stay updated on the latest advancements in archery equipment and innovation, and explore potential partnerships that will shape the future of archery.

Jogja Expo Center: The Heart of Grand Triumph 2024

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Jogja Expo Center (JEC) is a modern venue in the vibrant city of Yogyakarta, offering comprehensive facilities for seamless competition and networking. Its spacious halls and infrastructure make it the perfect hub for Grand Triumph 2024, blending high-level competition with immersive exhibitions in an iconic location.

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